Drew Marshall

Drew Marshall

Height: 6ft 4in     Weight13st 7lb

From: Glasgow, Scotland

Wrestling Debut: 2007

Trainer(s): The Knight Family

Signature Move(s): Glasgow Kiss | Whisky & Water

Accolades: WAW World Light Heavyweight Championship x1 | WAW Academy Championship x1

Influences: Shawn Michaels | Roddy Piper | Saraya Knight

About Wrestler: Drew Marshall calls himself the ‘only true Scotsman’ in WAW and, in his own words, isn’t “just a hat rack”. While his only taste of championship gold so far has been the WAW Academy title, he frequently goes toe to toe with WAW’s best. He hopes that his wrestling career will one day make him a household name across the UK.

Marshall once suffered a stroke but fought hard to overcome it and made his return to the ring just 18 months later.

Outside of wrestling, Marshall can often be found serving as head doorman at various clubs in Glasgow.