Height: 5ft 5in     Weight9st 4lb

From: Greater Manchester

Wrestling Debut: 2018

Trainer(s): The Knight Family | Jason Cross | Milky O’Hagan

Signature Move(s): Fifi Panini | Top Rope Crossbody | Code Red

Accolades: Bellatrix British Championship x1 | Bellatrix Academy Championship x1 | Bellatrix Queen of the Ring 2022

Influences: Mayu Iwatani | Bayley | Zack Sabre Jr.

About Wrestler: Fifi brings an unending amount of energy to the ring with her, building off the crowd and using that energy to overcome her opponents. She used to maintain a strong friendship with Fiona, tagging together as the Fi Amigos until Fiona brutally betrayed her and began making her life a living hell.

A fast learner, Fifi made her in-ring debut quicker than any other wrestler in Bellatrix history. She also has university degrees in History, International Relations, and Japanese.

Her aspirations include winning the Bellatrix World Championship and wrestling in Japan.