Just James

Just James

Height: 5ft 8in

From: Gorleston, Norfolk

Wrestling Debut: 2015

Trainer(s): Zak Zodiac | Milky O’Hagan

Signature Move(s): Splash

Accolades: WAW People’s Championship x1

Influences: The Undertaker | Daredevil

About Wrestler: Just James, previously known as James Chilvers, was blinded in a childhood accident, resulting in severely limited vision in his right eye and full vision loss in his left. But the incident never stopped him from following his dreams, joining the WAW Academy with support and encouragement from his mother and aunt. Under the tutelage of Zak Zodiac, James has developed a unique wrestling style, using the sounds and vibrations of the ring to understand where his opponent is at all times.

A character representing James was featured in the film Fighting With my Family and James himself starred in the BBC documentary, Step Into the Ring. He hopes to continue progressing in training and one day win championship gold.

Outside of wrestling, James has a strong passion for music, playing guitar and holding a deep appreciation for the music of Tool and James Maynard Keenan.