Height: 6ft 1in     Weight24st

From: Lowestoft, Suffolk

Wrestling Debut: 2012

Trainer(s): The Knight Family | Jason Cross | Chic Cullen

Signature Move(s): Powerbomb | Tombstone Piledriver

Accolades: WAW British Heavyweight Championship x1 | WAW People’s Championship x1 | WAW Academy Championship x1 | WAW Academy Tag Team Championship x2

Influences: Ricky Knight | Saraya Knight | Zak Zodiac | Samoa Joe | Rikishi | Big E | Kane

About Wrestler: Both of Keegan’s parents were wrestlers making him one of the world’s only second-generation wrestlers on both sides of the family. He channels both his mother, Busty Keegan, and father, Sandy Scott, as part of his own wrestling persona, creating a fearsome and powerful aura in the process.

Now a stalwart of the WAW locker room, Keegan has risen up from the ranks of the WAW Academy to become one of the UK’s best heavyweight wrestlers today. He hopes to continue this upward trajectory and one day travel the world, continuing the legacy left by his parents.

Keegan isn’t just a talented in-ring performer. As well as personally designing and creating all of his own wrestling gear, he has also performed in an amazing 12 different musicals, his singing abilities even once coming in handy during a confrontation with Oscar Hyde.