Lady Bella van der Velt

Lady Bella van der Velt

Height: 5ft 3in     Weight7st 12lb

From: The Royal Sandringham Estate, Norfolk

Wrestling Debut: 2016

Trainer(s): The Knight Family | Jason Cross

Signature Move(s): Off With Their Head

Accolades: Bellatrix British Championship x1

Influences: William Regal

About Wrestler: Lady Bella van der Velt is a pure example of Britain’s upper class. Her loyal servant, Mr. Hayward, and her legal advisor, Sir Ryan Matthews, do most of the heavy lifting in Lady Bella’s life, while she revels in the limelight and soaks up the adulation she feels she deserves as a birthright.

Within the world of wrestling, Lady Bella’s greatest achievement so far is winning the Bellatrix British Championship. Outside of the ring she proudly earned a 2:2 in Classics at the University of Oxford and is currently 5754th in line to the British throne.

She one day hopes to become the Duchess of Westminster and looks up to Queen Camilla as a great source of inspiration.