Leia Elise

Leia Elise

Height: 5ft 8in     Weight“Hench”

From: Norwich, Norfolk

Wrestling Debut: 2013

Trainer(s): The Knight Family | Jason Cross | Axl Lynch | Karl Kramer | Jimmy Ocean | Ivan Trevors | Alex Young

Signature Move(s): Sidewalk Slam | Leg Drop | Spear | Double Powerbomb

Accolades: Bellatrix European Championship x1 | Bellatrix British Championship x1 | Bellatrix Academy Championship x1

Influences: Saraya Knight

About Wrestler: As the daughter of Hot Stuff and Crystal Clear, Leia Elise is a second-generation wrestler who lives and breathes for competing inside the squared circle. Unlike the rest of her family, Elise uses her attitude and ego to dominate her opponents.

Elise still has much of her career ahead of her, but has already achieved a great deal of success as a former Bellatrix British and Academy champion. She has also toured internationally, wrestling in Australia with her mentor, Saraya Knight. This tour instilled a desire to continue making her way to the top of the Bellatrix roster, as well as one day tour more countries, including Japan.

While it’s true that Leia Elise doesn’t care about any other person more than herself, she does have some compassion and considers herself a “crazy cat lady in the making”.