Mr. Hayward

Mr. Hayward

Height: 5ft 10in     Weight15st 4lb

From: The Royal Sandringham Estate, Norfolk

Wrestling Debut: 2018

Trainer(s): The Knight Family | Jason Cross

Signature Move(s): Pedigree | Magna Carta

Accolades: WAW World Tag Team Championship x2 | WAW Academy Tag Team Championship x1

Influences: None

About Wrestler: Mr. Hayward serves the honourable Lady Bella van der Velt as part of the Staff, alongside legal adviser Sir Ryan Matthews. In his capacity as official butler for the van der Velt household, Hayward also serves as Lady Bella’s enforcer and bodyguard, sometimes helping to “sway” matches in her favour.

As well as being one-half of the longest-reigning WAW Academy Tag Team champions, Hayward’s goal is to continue pleasing his patron by replicating that feat with the World Tag Team titles alongside Sir Ryan.

Hayward is qualified as a WAW official and occasionally referees matches, provided he leaves any bias he may have against anyone who falls foul of the House of van der Velt outside of the ring.

Outside of wrestling, Mr. Hayward is an RFU-recognised rugby coach, and also holds qualifications in music theory and choral singing.