Height: 5ft 4in     Weight8st 13lb

From: Lisbon, Portugal

Wrestling Debut: 2019

Trainer(s): The Knight Family | Jason Cross

Signature Move(s): Thunder Glaive | Crescent Kick

Accolades: None

Influences: CM Punk | Jeff Hardy | Lita | Tetsuya Naito | Kairi Sane

About Wrestler: Originally from Lisbon, Portugal, Tuka now lives and wrestles in the UK. By training in the wrestling ring under the tutelage of the Knights and Jason Cross, she hopes that knowledge will help her one day travel the world to wrestle in many different countries.

Tuka uses an explosive style of fast-paced wrestling mixed with technical prowess, drawing inspiration from her idols including the Hardy Boyz and fellow WAW/Bellatrix Academy alumni, Saraya.

When not wrestling, Tuka is also a capable member of WAW’s emergency first aid team.