Height: 5ft 5in

From: Lowestoft, Suffolk

Wrestling Debut: 2018

Trainer(s): The Knight Family | Karl Kramer

Signature Move(s): Gory Bomb | Rainmaker

Accolades: Bellatrix World Championship x2 | Bellatrix British Championship x2

Influences: None

About Wrestler: Vanessa prides herself on continually improving her in-ring abilities fighting her way to the British title and earning the respect of Saraya Knight, until she was finally able to dethrone Destiny to claim the Bellatrix World Championship. She was also the only female wrestler to take part in the Sky’s the Limit ladder match at Fightmare IV.

Her long term goal is to wrestle for Stardom in Japan, with Stardom wrestler Guilia being a particular source of inspiration for Vanessa’s career so far.

Vanessa’s other accolades include winning the Bellatrix Wrestler of the Year award three years running (2020-22) and becoming AAT qualified outside of the ring.