Battlekat SL

Battlekat SL

Name: Battlekat SL

Height: 6ft     Weight: 9st 8lb

From: Norwich, Norfolk

Wrestling Debut: 2017

Signature Move(s): Trouble in Paradise | Springboard frogsplash | Springboard back elbow

Accolades: Academy Tag Team Champion x2

Other Information: Battlekat SL is one half of the latest incarnation of The Battlekats, one of WAW’s most iconic masked characters. Alongside his partner, Battlekat Eli, SL is a former Academy Tag Team champion, but they’ve hit a rough patch of late. Though their flashy moves prove popular with the fans, sometimes a wrong step is all their opponents need to take the win.

SL’s moveset includes stunning actions like Trouble in Paradise, a breathtaking springboard back elbow, and his picture-perfect springboard frogsplash. These moves can win a match against any opponent, but does SL need to develop his technical skills before the Battlekats can truly succeed?

The Battlekats are now under the tutelage of old-school villain Ricky Knight, who wants to teach them every trick in the book and make them an unstoppable force in the tag team division.

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