Mr. Hayward

Name: Mr. Hayward

Height: 5ft 10in     Weight: 13st 12lb

From: Norfolk

Wrestling Debut: 2018

Signature Move(s): Standing Spinebuster

Accolades: Academy Tag Team Champion x1

Other Information: Mr. Hayward is a professional butler who takes pride in serving up a beating. If anyone gets in the way of his Bellatrix benefactor Lady Bella Van der Velt, Mr. Hayward is liable to provide silver tray service to their face. To get to the top of the WAW Academy, he’s working with Lady Van Der Velt’s legal advisor, Sir Ryan Matthews, with the pair currently dominating the WAW Academy Tag Team division as The Staff.

Hayward takes sadistic pride in inflicting maximum damage on each of his opponents; recipients of his Standing Spinebuster have been known to lose an inch in height. Anyone who goes toe to toe with Mr. Hayward needs to be ready to rise above the pain.

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