Sir Ryan Matthews

Sir Ryan Matthews

Name: Sir Ryan Matthews

Height: 5ft 10in     Weight: 13st 12lb

From: Norwich, Norfolk

Wrestling Debut: 2019

Signature Move(s): Power Slam | Side Effect

Accolades: Academy Tag Team Champion x1

Other Information: Sir Ryan carries a weighty title for a man who’s newish to the ring – that being said, as legal advisor to Lady Bella van der Velt and the Art of Pro Wrestilng, Matthews has already found himself at the centre of many controversies within WAW.

With fellow van der Velt employee Mr. Hayward at his side, Matthews captured the WAW Academy Tag Team Championship in late 2019 and has no plans to lose said title any time soon. Indeed, Sir Ryan seems more focused on helping Hayward add more championship gold to their trophy cabinet.

His Side Effect has stunned a few opponents momentarily – but they soon wake up to the truth: The Staff will use any means necessary to retain their place within high society, including any legal loophole the devious Sir Ryan can concoct.

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