Roy Knight WAW Roster Photo

Name: Roy Knight

Height: 5ft 10in     Weight: 14st

From: Norwich, Norfolk

Wrestling Debut: 1994

Signature Move(s): Zebra Crossing | Top Rope DDT

Accolades: World Heavyweight Champion x6 | World Tag Team Champion x4 | European Heavyweight Champion x1 | British Heavyweight Champion x1 | British Tag Team Champion x2 | RQW World Heavyweight Champion x1 | RQW European Tag Team Champion x1

Other Information: Formerly known as the Zebra Kid, Roy Knight has been wrestling for over 25 years and has won the WAW World Heavyweight title on five separate occasions. He has also seen success as a tag team wrestler, first winning tag team gold with Hot Stuff in the late 1990s. Recently, his partnership with brother Zak Knight as the UK Hooligans has been one of the most successful tag teams in British wrestling history.

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