Zak Zodiac

Zak Zodiac

Height: 6ft 3in     Weight16st 10lb

From: Norwich, Norfolk

Wrestling Debut: 2000

Trainer(s): The Knight Family | Jimmy Ocean | Jason Cross

Signature Move(s): Bucklebomb | Sleeper

Accolades: WAW World Heavyweight Championship x2 | WAW World Tag Team Championship x3 | WAW European Heavyweight Championship x1 | WAW British Heavyweight Championship x1 | WAW British Light Heavyweight Championship x1 | TWW Championship x1 | RQW European Tag Team Championship x2

Influences: The Knight Family | Kurt Angle | Eddie Guerrero | Shawn Michaels

About Wrestler: Zak Zodiac blends a unique style of British wrestling, learned from his family, with influences from the wrestlers he grew up watching on TV, including Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, and Shawn Michaels. He’s also known to occasionally surprise his opponents with explosive high-flying moves!

Zak has fought against his own mental health and injuries, always coming back stronger than ever. As a result, he doesn’t just wrestle for himself. Zak’s goal is to succeed and leave a mark on the wrestling world, including in his role as head trainer at the WAW Academy and support for students who face similar obstacles.

Although wrestling is a huge part of Zak’s life, he remains committed to supporting his family in all endeavours, especially his three children. He also enjoys a relaxing weekend of fishing and playing darts in his spare time.

Jack Lowden played Zak Zodiac in the 2019 film, Fighting With My Family.