The Ricky Knight Shoot Interview is a must-see tale chronicling the Rowdy Man’s childhood and almost three decades in the wrestling business.

After spending a lifetime in the British wrestling business, ‘Rowdy’ Ricky Knight opens up about his personal life; from his earliest memories as a kid through to the present day, telling it “as it is”. Straight talking pulling no punches, no subject is left unanswered.

After 27 years in the wrestling business, Ricky Knight has met many people inside and outside of the ring who have helped or hindered his career.  In this DVD he touches on subjects that you wouldn’t be able to ask him face to face.

Working alongside Jimmy Ocean in singles and tag team action, as well as marrying his manageress Sweet Saraya, Ricky has accomplished so much in his life. The founder of the Knight Dynasty sits down with Rob Butler and tells all in this uncut and x-rated shoot.

The Ricky Knight Shoot Interview DVD is part of a series of shoot interviews with the Knight family.