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The WAW Academy and Performance Centre is based in Norwich, Norfolk. It is the home of our wrestling school, the oldest permanent wrestling training school in the United Kingdom, established in 1996.

Our facility holds three permanent wrestling rings of varying sizes, including our main 18 feet squared ring and two smaller, traditional British-style rings. We also provide dedicated changing rooms, shower facilities, and ample parking right next to our front door!

WAW Academy

Learn to wrestle at the UK’s oldest wrestling school, the WAW Academy. We specialise in British technical wrestling but cater to all popular wrestling styles. Our wrestling training sessions also include ring fitness, movement training, and how to protect yourself within the ring.

Students who prove themselves capable inside the ring will be eligible to compete in matches on Academy shows. Participating in live events is a vital step in the process of becoming a professional wrestler. There are aspects of being a wrestler that can only be learned by performing in front of a live audience, such as how to interact with fans and make them want to invest their emotions in your performance. Those who continue to excel will eventually earn a place on the Elite roster.

The most notable alumni who learned to wrestle at the WAW Academy include Nick Aldis, Kip Sabian, and of course, Paige/Britani Knight. Olympic Bronze medallist Anthony Ogogo and former Premier League footballer Grant Holt both also began their wrestling careers within the WAW Academy.

New starters can attend the monthly weekend sessions listed below. One-to-one sessions are also available with several of our approved trainers taking students throughout the week.

All wrestling training sessions take place at the WAW Academy and Performance Centre in Norwich.

Upcoming Training Dates

Cancelled until further notice due to COVID-19.

WAW Academy and Performance Centre
The WAW Academy and Performance Centre's main ring.
WAW wrestling training
Wrestling legend Mick Foley teaching WAW Academy students Marvel Marcus and Opie Jackson.
WAW Young Performers class
WAWYP Head Coach Zak Knight overseeing training.

WAW Young Performers

Give your child the opportunity to try a unique and exciting hobby with our under 16s youth club. Established in 2012 by head coach Zak Knight, WAWYP sessions revolve around the very basics of British wrestling with an emphasis on the importance of personal fitness, confidence, and self-defence. Positive social skills are also heavily encouraged through team-building exercises, games, and a friendly group atmosphere.

Several members of the WAW and Bellatrix Elite rosters began their wrestling careers within the WAWYP. This includes Ricky Knight Jr, Leia Elise, Jaiden Docwra, and Karama.

If you think your child would benefit from joining the WAWYP, get in touch! Each child’s first intake session is free so you AND your child can work out whether it’s suitable for them. Children must be at least six years old to attend.

All WAWYP training sessions take place at the WAW Academy and Performance Centre in Norwich.

Current WAW Young Performers Schedule

Cancelled until further notice due to COVID-19.

Referees, Commentators, and MCs

Want to get involved but not as a wrestler? We also cater to individuals who want to try their hand at less physically demanding roles. This is the session for you if you want to become a referee, commentator, or MC.

Refereeing – Knowing how to officiate a match is harder than it looks. There’s more to it than just counting to three and the wrestling rule book is longer than any novel. To be a referee you need to know the ring inside and out, including how to set one up. Our refereeing course teaches all the way from beginners up to the most experienced referees looking to enhance their knowledge.

Commentary – Watching a match and knowing the names of the wrestlers and the moves they’re performing is one thing, but being able to informatively communicate that knowledge in real-time is a completely different challenge. It takes much practice to successfully deliver commentary in a way that adds to the events unfolding inside a ring. Find out how to keep up with fast-paced action, unexpected events, and how to develop an in-depth understanding of the wrestlers competing at an event.

MC/Match Announcer – Learn how to introduce contestants correctly by gathering vital information. Every wrestler will have their own preferred way of being introduced and it’s down to a good MC to ensure that they’re completed their research before raising a microphone to their mouth.

All non-wrestler training takes place at the WAW Academy and Performance Centre in Norwich.

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WAW training group photo
Train with WAW and join a friendly, close knit community.

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