This year’s Norwich Pride saw several WAW wrestlers taking part to celebrate inclusivity and LGBT rights. The event, which has been running in the city for eleven years, kicked off at City Hall with a march started Olympic Bronze medallist and occasional WAW wrestler Anthony Ogogo. Over ten thousand people took part in the festivities, with the march reaching it’s main destination in Chapelfield Gardens after winding through the streets of Norwich.

It was here that former Undisputed World Heavyweight champion Brad Slayer made a special appearance onstage. Brad cemented his place in the history books last month as the first openly gay wrestler to challenge for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Although unable to defeat champion Nick Aldis, Slayer celebrated the match as a landmark moment in wrestling history. He was joined on stage by Ogogo and Norwich Mayor Vaughn Thomas, before giving way to continued festivities for the remainder of the day.

WAW Represented at Norwich Pride
Team WAW at Norwich Pride in Chapelfield Gardens.
Source: @TheKipSabian via Twitter

Several proud LGBT wrestlers, including Keegan and Mitchell Starr, as well as other supportive members of the WAW family, represented the company during the march. Slayer’s former tag team partner Kip Sabian also joined the WAW contingent. Although Kip recently moved to the United States after signing with AEW, Special Edition have long been one of the most popular tag teams in WAW. Appearing together to promote inclusivity is a great example of why the pair resonate with fans.

We’d like to thank Proud Canaries organiser Di Cunningham for inviting Brad to speak at Norwich Pride. Team WAW’s participation in the march and other festivities serves as a reminder that everyone is welcome in WAW. We look forward to continuing our support for the LGBT community with several key figures on the roster leading the way.