The WAW Premier League officially began on Friday with Alexander Young taking on Undisputed World Heavyweight champion Ricky Knight Jr in the Lionheart Memorial Show main event.

AY took the first three points under dubious circumstances when Bellatrix British champion Leia Elise involved herself in the match. Elise saw the opportunity to interfere with referee Karl Smith incapacitated in a collision with the two match competitors. As the Chosen One kept RKJ busy, Elise grabbed the World Heavyweight title belt and entered the ring. However, RKJ saw her coming and a well-timed duck saw the belt instead make a solid impact with Young’s face.

The quick thinking Elise saw Smith stirring and threw the belt to RKJ, who instinctively caught his title. When Smith saw the champion holding his title and his opponent on the mat, the connotations were clear. Smith immediately called for the bell, awarding a disqualification victory and the first ever Premier League victory to Young.

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This result sees Young taking an early lead over the rest of the group, who aren’t due to compete in their first Premier League matches until next Saturday’s event at Breckland Hall, Costessey. Six more matches are currently scheduled to take place where AY will be able to maintain his three point lead with a victory over former Open Light Heavyweight champion Peter Nixon.