– The Governess announced that Annabelle had chosen to vacate the Bellatrix Academy Championship after winning the Bellatrix British Championship last month. A match for later in the night was then announced to crown a new champion.

1. Angel defeated Fifi by pinfall after Fifi was distracted by Fiona’s music.

2. Lady Bella van der Velt w/Mr. Hayward defeated Freyja Nyx by disqualification after Nocturne accidentally knocked Lady Bella down while chasing Hayward.

– Nocturne chased Mr. Hayward out of the building.

3. Annabelle (c) defeated Leia Elise by two falls to one in a British Rules match to retain the Bellatrix British Championship.
– Elise pinned Annabelle in the first round.
– Elise submitted to Annabelle in the fifth round.
– Elise submitted to Annabelle in the sixth round.

4. Trai-cie defeated Karama and Tuka by pinfall when she pinned Tuka.

5. Harmony defeated Meisha by submission to win the vacant Bellatrix Academy Championship.

6. Princess (c) defeated Vanessa by disqualification to retain the Bellatrix European Championship after referee Karl Smith caught Vanessa using the title belt as an illegal weapon.

– Vanessa continued attacking Princess until she was confronted by Fifi. Vanessa then took out Fifi and taunted both fallen Warriors before walking off.

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