1. Marvel Marcus defeated Dillon Slade by pinfall.

2. Oscar Hyde w/Kobe Nitro defeated Bohdan w/the YPC by pinfall.

3. Nocturne w/Freyja Nyx defeated Steven Willett by pinfall.

4. Villman defeated Joe Bell by pinfall.

5. Rocket Raistlin w/Zak Zodiac defeated CT by pinfall.

Zak Zodiac, Saraya Knight, and PJ Knight congratulated Rocket Raistlin on giving everything to live his dream and announced that he would be joining the ranks of the WAW Academy. Raistlin thanked his coaches, the fans, and everyone who has supported him in making his dream a reality.

Fifi asked Vanessa why she threw away her reputation as a role model by attacking Princess with the Bellatrix European Championship. Vanessa confronted Fifi and said that she doesn’t care about “being a role model” because she’s the figurehead of Bellatrix and already achieved more than Fifi ever will. Vanessa started attacking Fifi until she was confronted by Leia Elise. Elise dared Vanessa to try something but she chose to exit the ring and put some space between them. Fifi and Elise shook hands and left the ring together.

6. Fiona defeated Annabelle and Tuka by pinfall when she pinned Annabelle.

7. Rip Parker defeated Tate, Brandon Innes, Big paddy and Jason the Warrior by pinfall when he pinned Tate.

8. Scott Clark defeated Sir Ryan Matthews (c) by pinfall to win the WAW Academy Championship.