1. Roy Knight defeated Sir Ryan Matthews w/Mr. Hayward by pinfall.

2. Mr. Tim Strange defeated Battlekat Eli by pinfall.

– Mr. Tim Strange continued attacking Battlekat Eli until he was confronted by Kobe Nitro.

3. TJ Tremor defeated PJ Knight (c) by disqualification to win the CPW All Africa Championship.

– PJ Knight challenged TJ Tremor to a tiebreaker match after their matches over the summer leaves them at 2-2. Tremor refused unless PJ comes to South Africa to fight him next year!

– Tommy Lee directed Big Lou Nixon and Brett Semtex to attack PJ Knight. Roy Knight came out to save his nephew but the two Knights got into an argument and ended up brawling between each other.

4. Big Lou Nixon defeated Shreddy, Keegan and Kobe Nitro.

– Connor Mills interrupted the scheduled match between Jack Landers and Arron Warnes, demanding that he be added to the match. As defending champion, Landers accepted the challenge.

5. Connor Mills defeated Jack Landers (c) and Arron Warnes by pinfall when he pinned Warnes to win the WAW World Light Heavyweight Championship.

– The Staff tried to attack Jack Landers and Arron Warnes but were quickly dispatched. Landers and Warnes ended up in possession of the Staff’s WAW World Tag Team title belts, posing with them together in the ring as the Staff looked on in dismay.

6. RKJ (c) versus Zak Zodiac for the WAW World Heavyweight Championship ended in a 30-minute time limit draw.

– RKJ and Zak both wanted the match to continue but Brett Semtex ran out and told RKJ not to, challenging Zak to a match against him instead. RKJ ordered Semtex to stand down and fight Zak another day. Zak thanked RKJ for honouring his word and fighting fairly, reminiscing about RKJ’s childhood and rise to the top of the British wrestling scene. RKJ told Zak he’s always looked up to him and says he hopes that their next match against each other takes place in the United States.