– Marvel Marcus, Brandon Innes, Rip Parker, Steven Willett, and Jason the Warrior confronted the YPC and challenged them to an impromptu match.

1. The YPC [CT, Bohdan, Adam, Josh & Carlton] defeated Marvel Marcus, Brandon Innes, Rip Parker, Steven Willett & Jason the Warrior by pinfall when Josh pinned Jason. An unknown man appeared during the match and ordered the YPC to get back in the ring and finish the job.

2. Joe Bell defeated Sharrocks by pinfall.

– Big Lou Nixon issued an open challenge to any WAW champion to put their title on the line against him. The challenge was answered by WAW European Heavyweight champion Big Paddy. Nixon attacked Paddy as he was making his way to the ring.

3. Big Lou Nixon defeated Big Paddy (c) by referee stoppage to win the WAW European Heavyweight Championship.

4. Mr. Tim Strange defeated Nemesis by pinfall.

– Mr. Tim Strange was attacked by Battlekat Eli. Eli challenged Strange to a match at WAW Fight Night on Friday 15th September.

5. Battlekat Eli defeated Aaron O’Malley and Scott Clark by pinfall when he pinned Clark.

6. Trai-cie defeated Tuka by pinfall when she used the ropes for leverage.

– Mr. Hayward refused to defend the WAW World Tag Team Championship but was informed that he would be forced to defend or relinquish the titles. Oscar Hyde taunted Hayward to find a partner to defend the titles in Sir Ryan Matthews’ absence. Hayward introduced Keegan as his substitute partner for the upcoming match.

7. Mr. Hayward & Keegan (c) defeated The Quintains [Steve Quintain & Dan Quintain] and Insert Name Here [Oscar Hyde & Kobe Nitro] by pinfall when Hayward pinned Dan to retain the WAW World Tag Team Championship. Keegan was substituting for Sir Ryan Matthews.

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