1. Trai-cie defeated Fifi by pinfall after Fiona distracted the referee.

2. Angel defeated Annabelle by submission.

– MC Keith Sandle revealed that Destiny was not medically cleared to compete in her scheduled match against Leia Elise. Lady Bella van der Velt made an unannounced appearance flanked by the Staff.

3. Leia Elise defeated Lady Bella van der Velt w/Mr. Hayward & Sir Ryan Matthews. Sir Ryan walked out on the match after arguing with Mr. Hayward.

4. Fiona versus Princess ended in a no contest after Fifi attacked Fiona.

5. Molls & Harmony defeated Meisha & Teri by pinfall when Molls pinned Teri after Bohdan interfered. Harmony slapped Bohdan and walked off after the match.

– Tuka revealed that she had suffered from an injury and wouldn’t be able to compete in her advertised non-title match against Bellatrix World champion Vanessa. Freyja Nyx, accompanied by Nocturne, interrupted Tuka and challenged Vanessa to a match.

6. Vanessa defeated Freyja Nyx w/Nocturne by submission.

7. Princess won a 14 Warrior Rumble to become #1 contender to the Bellatrix World Championship by last eliminating Fiona. The match also featured Annabelle, Jen, Mollie, Lady Bella van der Velt, Leia Elise, Harmony, Angel, Jolene, Teri, Trai-cie, Fifi and Meisha.

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