1. Sigma [Nocturne & Virius] w/Freyja Nyx defeated The Rangers [Brandon Innes & Marvel Marcus] by submission when Innes tapped out to Nocturne.

– Joe Bell made his way to the ring as Rowdy “Joeky” Knight.

2. Joe Bell (c) defeated Scott Clark by pinfall to retain the WAW Academy Championship.

3. Fiona versus Fifi ended in a no contest. Fiona used scissors to cut off some of Fifi’s hair.

4. Kobe Nitro (c) defeated Oscar Hyde by pinfall to retain the WAW British Heavyweight Championship. Leia Elise and The Staff interfered on behalf of Hyde during the match.

– Oscar Hyde demanded answers from the Staff and criticised them for not doing enough to help him win. Hyde slapped both and the Staff attacked him in response. Kobe Nitro ran back out to chase the Staff away and offered to make peace with Hyde. Oscar teased cashing in his Sky’s the Limit contract before retreating backstage.

5. Leia Elise won a Battle Royal to become #1 contender for the Bellatrix European Championship. The match also featured Annabelle, Mollie, Tuka, Princess, Terri and Freyja Nyx.

6. Keegan defeated Bohdan by pinfall.

7. Sharrocks defeated Jason the Warrior, Rip Parker & Big Paddy in a Four Corners match when he pinned Jason to become #1 contender for the WAW Academy Championship.

8. The Battlekats [Battlekat Eli & Battlekat Sam] (c) defeated The Staff [Mr. Hayward & Sir Ryan Matthews] by pinfall when Eli pinned Sir Ryan to retain the WAW World Tag Team Championship.

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