1. Annabelle won a 7 Warrior Battle Royal to become #1 Contender for the Bellatrix Academy Championship. The match also featured Princess, Fifi, Fiona, Tuka, Freyja Nyx & Sian.

2. Angel defeated TJ by pinfall when she put her feet on the ropes.

3. Karama defeated Maddison Miles by pinfall in a No Disqualification match.

4. Battlekat Eli defeated Gianni Valletta by pinfall.

5. PJ Knight vs. Zak Knight in a Gauntlet match ended in a double countout.
– Nocturne defeated Dillon Slade by pinfall.
– Nocturne defeated Oscar Hyde by pinfall.

– Keegan defeated Nocturne by pinfall.
– PJ defeated Keegan by pinfall.

6. Destiny defeated Vanessa by pinfall.

– Destiny offered to defend the Bellatrix European Championship against #1 contender Karama.

7. Karama defeated Destiny (c) by pinfall to win the Bellatrix European Championship.