1. Brad Slayer defeated Sir Ryan Matthews w/Mr. Hayward by submission.

2. Max Peach defeated Battlekat Eli by submission.

3. PJ Knight defeated Gianni Valletta by pinfall.

4. Nocturne w/Freyja Nyx defeated Winston by pinfall after Nyx distracted Winston.

5. Ricky Knight Jr defeated Sam Santari by pinfall.

– European Heavyweight champion PJ Knight challenged World Heavyweight champion RKJ and British Heavyweight champion Sam Santari to a three way match for all three belts. WAW co-owner confirmed that the match will go ahead on Saturday 28th August in a Three Stages of Hell match for each championship.

6. Oscar Hyde won a Rumble match last eliminating PJ Knight & Brad Slayer to earn a WAW World Heavyweight Championship match on Saturday 18th September. The match also featured Angel, Battlekat Eli, Battlekat Jacob, Battlekat Josh, Benjamin, Karama, Keegan, Max Peach, Mr. Hayward, Oscar Hyde, Scott Clark, Sir Ryan Matthews, Ryan Richards, Skeletor, Steve Sharrocks, Steven Willett & Vanessa.

– Ricky Knight Jr told Oscar Hyde that he has one more match to win before he can earn the WAW World Heavyweight Championship match on Saturday 18th September… MC Briony Thompson.