– Leia Elise once again called out the Governess for not giving her a match. She said she was “officially” taking over the show and joined MC Keith Sandle as co-host of tonight’s show.

– Fiona heckled Princess for not being cleared to compete in their scheduled Bellatrix British Championship match. Princess and Fifi confronted Fiona from ringside until Fiona insulted Fifi, leading to Fifi jumping over the barricade and attacking Fiona. Ringside attendants separated the former tag team partners as the Governess came out to restore order by announcing that Fiona will defend her British title against Fifi later in the night!

1. Lady Bella van der Vely w/Mr. Hayward & Sir Ryan Matthews defeated Annabelle by pinfall when Lady Bella used the ropes for leverage.

2. TJ defeated Scarlett by pinfall.

3. Fiona (c) defeated Fifi by disqualification when Fifi refused to follow the referee’s orders to retain the Bellatrix British Championship.

4. Vanessa Knight defeated Roxsie by submission.

– Vanessa Knight laughed at the idea that the fans in attendance thought Roxsie had any chance against her.

5. Meisha defeated Molz w/the YPC by pinfall. The YPC were banished from ringside during the match.

6. Trai-cie (c) defeated Tuka by pinfall to retain the Bellatrix World Championship.