– Ricky Knight & Saraya Knight thanked the fans for coming to WAW shows over the last 30 years and highlighted some of the great moments that have taken place in that time.

1. RKJ defeated Arron Warnes by pinfall.

– RKJ celebrated his victory by introducing his daughter, Amaya, to the wrestling ring for the first time.

2. Insert Name Here [Oscar Hyde & Kobe Nitro] (c) defeated The UK Pitbulls [Big Dave & Bulk] by pinfall when Hyde & Nitro both pinned Bulk.

– The UK Pitbulls congratulated Insert Name Here on their victory.

3. Drew Marshall defeated Brett Semtex by pinfall.

– Brett Semtex attacked Drew Marshall and ripped off his Midas t-shirt.

4. Roy Knight (c) defeated PJ Knight by pinfall to retain the WAW World Heavyweight Championship.

– Swede and Drew Marshall attacked Roy Knight. PJ Knight was about to hit Roy with the WAW World Heavyweight Championship belt until RKJ intervened. RKJ cleared the ring and revealed that he wants to reunite with his father as a tag team.

5. Tim Strange defeated Ruffneck by pinfall.

– Swede interrupted the raffle to complain about not having a match. He challenged Zak Knight, who immediately accepted the challenge.

6. Zak Knight defeated Swede by pinfall. PJ Knight and Drew Marshall both interfered in the match, attacking Zak.

– Zak Knight gave fans in attendance an update on his time in the United States. Tim Strange confronted Zak and challenged him to finally put their mutual WAW undefeated streaks on the line soon.