1. Sharrocks defeated La Flama, Tate Sibley, Josh and Carlton by pinfall when he pinned Sibley.

2. TJ & Roksie defeated Meisha & Harmz by pinfall when TJ pinned Meisha. Harmz & Roksie were counted out during the match.

– TJ challenged Meisha to defend the Bellatrix Academy Championship against her at Bellatrix on Friday 2nd February.

3. Brutus defeated Rip Parker by pinfall.

– The Boss brought out Whacky the Clown and Gorgon as the reformed Sigma. He indicated that he is the new top manager in WAW as Tommy Lee hasn’t been seen since Fightmare V.

4. Sigma [Gorgon & Whacky the Clown] w/The Boss defeated Joe Bell & Azzer by pinfall when Gorgon pinned Bell.

5. Swede defeated Scott Clark by pinfall using the ropes for leverage.

6. Just James w/Saraya Knight defeated Bohdan w/Mollz by pinfall.

7. Dynamite Danny May defeated Dan Quintain by disqualification.

8. Insert Name Here [Kobe Nitro & Oscar Hyde] versus The Battlekats [Battlekat Eli & Battlekat Sam] ended in a time limit draw.

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