1. Kobe Nitro defeated Big J Johnson by pinfall.

2. Sir Ryan Matthews defeated Rip Parker by pinfall.

3. Battlekat Eli defeated Marvel Marcus by pinfall.

4. Nocturne w/Freyja Nyx defeated Steven Willett by pinfall.

5. Old School [Steve Quintain & Benjamin] defeated Scott Clark & Mace Heyder by pinfall when Quintain pinned Clark.

6. Brad Slayer defeated Battlekat Jacob by submission.

– Battlekat Eli helped Battlekat Jacob return backstage.

7. Oscar Hyde (c) defeated Mr. Hayward, Joe Bell and Steve Sharrocks in a Four Corners match when he pinned Bell to retain the WAW Academy Championship.

– MC Keith Sandle revealed that Trai-cie has vacated the Bellatrix Academy Championship due to injury.

8. Annabelle defeated Princess and Tuka by pinfall when she pinned Tuka to win the vacant Bellatrix Academy Championship.

– PJ Knight told Keegan that he handpicked him as his opponent tonight to draw out Keegan’s fighting spirit, which PJ feels has disappeared in recent years.

9. PJ Knight defeated Keegan by pinfall.

– PJ Knight said that Keegan had proved he still has fire burning inside him and has what it takes to one day win the WAW World Heavyweight Championship.