1. Scott Clark won a Battle Royal by last eliminating Big J Johnson to become #1 Contender for the WAW Academy Championship. Also featuring Nemesis, Nocturne, Big Paddy, Oscar Hyde, Kobe Nitro, Jason the Warrior, Brandon Innes and Joe Bell.

2. Mitchell Starr defeated Sam Santari by pinfall.

3. Marvel Marcus defeated Steve Quintain by pinfall.

– Steve Quintain congratulated Marvel Marcus on his victory, shaking his hand and raising Marcus’ arm in victory.

4. Leia Elise, Angel, Trai-cie, Freyja Nyx & Mols defeated Princess, Annabelle, Fifi, Tuka & Teri in an Elimination Tag match.
– Trai-cie pinned Teri.
– Mols submitted to Princess.
– Nyx submitted to Tuka.
– Tuka submitted to Elise.
– Annabelle submitted to Angel.
– Princess and Leia Elise were counted out.
– Fifi pinned Angel.
– Fifi was disqualified when Fiona slapped Trai-cie.

5. Sir Ryan Matthews (c) defeated Rip Parker by submission to retain the WAW Academy Championship.

6. The Ringmasters [Steven Willett & Oliver Campbell] (c) defeated The YPC [Bohdan & CT] by submission when Bohdan submitted Willett to retain the WAW Academy Tag Team Championship.

7. PJ Knight (c) defeated Drew Marshall by submission to retain the WAW British Heavyweight Championship.