1. Fifi defeated Fiona by submission.

2. Trai-cie defeated Teri by pinfall.

3. Tuka defeated Mols w/the YPC by pinfall.

4. Saraya Knight defeated Lady Bella van der Velt w/Mr. Hayward by pinfall.

5. Annabelle defeated Angel (c) by two falls to one in a British Rules match to win the Bellatrix British Championship.

6. Princess (c) defeated Leia Elise (c) by pinfall to retain the DOA UK Women’s Championship and win the Bellatrix European Championship.

7. Nikki Knight defeated Vanessa (c) by disqualification to win the Bellatrix World Championship.

– Backstage Co-Ordinator Gillian Hesling announced that Nikki and Saraya Knight will face Vanessa and a partner of her choice at a show in the near future.

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