– Zak Zodiac celebrated nine months since winning the WAW World Heavyweight Championship at WAW Fightmare IV. He revealed that his career has grown in leaps and bounds since, being in the best shape of his life and wrestling all over the world. The YPC interrupted Zak and surrounded him in the ring. The group attacked Zodiac but he was quickly able to fight them off and challenged them to a handicap match later in the night.

1. Sharrocks & Dan Quintain defeated Steve Quintain & Dan Petit and The Ringmasters [Steven Willett & Oliver Campbell] by submission when Petit submitted to Dan Quintain.

– Dan Quintain told Steve Quintain that the match was just a taster of what will happen at WAW War at the Shore next week. Steve immediately lunged for Dan and locked his nephew in a submission hold, forcing Dan to tap.

2. Big J Johnson defeated Rip Parker by pinfall to win the vacant CUKPW Linda Memorial Championship.

3. Lady Bella van der Velt & Leia Elise defeated Annabelle & Abigail by pinfall when van der Velt pinned Abigail.

– RKJ issued an open challenge for his WAW European Heavyweight Championship.

4. Big Paddy defeated RKJ (c) w/Swede & Big J Johnson by pinfall to win the WAW European Heavyweight Championship after Zak Zodiac attacked RKJ while he was distracted by Ricky Knight. Swede & Johnson were ejected from ringside during the match.

5. Zak Zodiac defeated The YPC [CT, Bohdan, Adam & Carlton] w/Mols by pinfall when he pinned Bohdan in a Handicap match.

– Swede and Big J Johnson distracted Zak Zodiac, allowing RKJ to attack Zodiac from behind. RKJ teased cashing in the Sky’s the Limit briefcase before posing with the WAW World Heavyweight Championship belt.

6. Tate defeated Rexx Wylde by pinfall.

7. Marvel Marcus defeated Scott Clark by pinfall.

8. PJ Knight defeated Swede, Battlekat Eli, Oscar Hyde, Mitchell Starr and Aaron O’Malley in an Elimination match.
– Starr and O’Malley were counted out.
– Swede pinned Hyde after hitting him with the WAW People’s Championship belt.
– Swede pinned Eli.
– Swede submitted to PJ.

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