1. Marvel Marcus defeated RKJ by pinfall after Zak Zodiac interfered.

2. Brett Semtex defeated Battlekat Eli by pinfall.

3. PJ Knight defeated Mr. Hayward by submission.

4. Roy Knight defeated Aaron O’Malley by pinfall.

5. Zak Zodiac vs. Sir Ryan Matthews ended in a No Contest when RKJ cashed in his Sky’s the Limit briefcase.

– Brett Semtex attacked Zak Zodiac and Sir Ryan Matthews.

6. RKJ w/Brett Semtex defeated Zak Zodiac (c) and Sir Ryan Matthews by pinfall when he pinned Matthews to win the WAW World Heavyweight Championship. Zodiac was handcuffed to the ring ropes during the match.

– RKJ and Brett Semtex attacked Zak Zodiac after the match until they were chased away by Roy Knight.

7. Trai-cie defeated Angel by disqualification after Angel hit a low blow.

8. Steve Quintain defeated Danny Quintain by pinfall.

– The YPC attacked Steve Quintain  until they were chased away by Danny Quintain. The YPC regrouped and tried to attack again but the Quintains worked together to fight them off. Danny warned the YPC that he and Steve might not always see eye to eye, but they’re still family, challenging the YPC to a proper fight. Bohdan accepted the challenged on behalf of the YPC and threatened to send Steve into retirement. The match was immediately confirmed for WAW’s return to Lowestoft on Friday 1st September. Danny offered to shake Steve’s hand but the elder Quintain instead offered a hug.

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