1. The Staff [Mr. Hayward & Sir Ryan Matthews] (c) defeated Arron Warnes & Jack Landers by pinfall when Matthews pinned Warnes to retain the WAW World Tag Team Championship.

2. Brett Semtex defeated Ruffneck by pinfall after Swede distracted Ruffneck.

3. Mitchell Starr defeated Shreddy by pinfall to earn a match against Tajiri at WAW Fightmare V.

4. Saraya Knight defeated Princess (c) by pinfall to win the Bellatrix European Championship.

– Saraya Knight praised Princess as a great example of the next generation of women’s wrestling and offered her a rematch at any time of her choosing.

– Ricky Knight and Paul Tyrrell announced that they were bringing back the Old School because they’re sick of seeing wrestlers who flip around the ring instead of traditional wrestling.

5. Old School [Ricky Knight & Paul Tyrrell] defeated The Battlekats [Battlekat Eli & Battlekat Sam] by disqualification.

– Ricky Knight claimed that their victory proves that Old School is better than any other form of wrestling.

– PJ Knight called out Roy Knight for “feigning injury” to avoid their match tonight before getting blindsided by Brad O’Brien.

6. PJ Knight defeated Brad O’Brien by pinfall.

7. Tim Strange defeated Kobe Nitro by pinfall.

8. Zak Zodiac defeated Drew Marshall by pinfall.

– Tim Strange appeared at the entrance ramp and challenged Zak Zodiac to a future match. Zak accepted the challenge and revealed that WAW October Outrage will be a whole weekend of TV tapings!