1. Drew Marshall defeated Scott Clark by pinfall.

2. Tate defeated Mr. Hayward by pinfall.

3. Swede (c) defeated Nemesis by pinfall to retain the WAW People’s Championship after Drew Marshall interfered.

– CT celebrated the YPC winning the WAW Academy Tag Team Championship and issued an open challenge to a six man tag team match, which was answered by Jason the Warrior, Oscar Hyde, and PJ Knight!

4. Jason the Warror, Oscar Hyde & PJ Knight defeated the YPC [Bohdan, Josh & Carlton] by pinfall when Josh submitted to PJ.

– The Boss confronted the YPC and demanded that they give him the WAW Academy Tag Team Championship belts. They accepted and retreated backstage.

5. Mitchell Starr defeated Sir Ryan Matthews w/Leia Elise by submission.

6. The Quintains [Steve Quintain & Dan Quintain] defeated Keegan & Rexx Wylde by pinfall when Steve pinned Wylde.

7. Trai-cie defeated Annabelle by pinfall.

8. Tim Strange & Shreddy defeated The Battlekats [Battlekat Eli & Battlekat Sam] by pinfall when Strange pinned Eli.

– Tim Strange called Zak Zodiac a coward for making jokes about Strange but not directly to his face. He told Zak that his time would come at WAW October Outrage, but not in the way he thinks.

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