1. Sir Ryan Matthews w/Mr. Hayward defeated Joe Bell by pinfall after Hayward interfered.

2. Steven Willett defeated Ryan Richards by submission.

3. Nocturne w/Freyja Nyx defeated Brandon Innes by pinfall.

4. PJ Knight defeated Sam Santari by pinfall.

5. Corey w/the YPC defeated Rip Parker by pinfall after a low blow.

6. Keegan defeated Nemesis by pinfall.

7. Annabelle versus Princess ended in a draw after a double pinfall.

8. Zak Zodiac defeated RKJ by disqualification after Oscar Hyde attacked Zodiac. Hyde attempted to cash in his Sky’s the Limit contract on Zodiac’s WAW World Heavyweight Championship but was chased off by RKJ.

– RKJ asked Zak Zodiac to restart the match and put the WAW World Heavyweight Championship on the line. Zodiac agreed that a disqualification victory isn’t what he wanted and accepted the challenge. Referee Scotty Edgar refused to officiate the match, so Zak offered to face RKJ in a “Gold Rush” steel cage match at the WAW Epic Weekender on Saturday 11th February, with Zak’s WAW World and European Heavyweight titles, the TWW Championship, and RKJ’s RevPro Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship on the line.

Watch the full show for free on the WAW/Bellatrix YoutTube channel.