– The WAW roster surrounded the ring for a ten-bell salute in memory of Len Davies.

– Tommy Lee interrupted the show to continue insulting Roy Knight. He also revealed that he’s back and so is the Midas Stable, teasing that three wrestlers had already signed up to join him.

1. Steve Quintain defeated Mitchell Starr by pinfall.

2. Sullivan King defeated Scott Clark by pinfall.

3. Roy Knight defeated Kelly Sixx by pinfall.

4. Nemesis defeated Tony Knight (c) by pinfall to win the WAW People’s Championship.

– Tony Knight revealed that he was retiring from wrestling due to long-term injury. Saraya Knight praised Tony for his commitment to the wrestling business and invited him to take up a teaching position in the WAW Academy to pass his knowledge on to the next generation.

5. Bullitt defeated Kobe Nitro by pinfall after hitting a low blow.

6. Joel Redman & Niwa defeated The Battlekats [Battlekat Eli & Battlekat Sam] by pinfall when Niwa pinned Eli.

7. Big Paddy won the Carols & Carnage Hardcore Rumble. The match also featured Keegan, Joe Bell, Aaron O’Malley, Sharrocks, Leia Elise, Vanessa, Sir Ryan Matthews, Oscar Hyde, Mr. Hayward, Dillon Slade, Fiona, Angel, Rip Parker, Marvel Marcus, Nocturne and Bohdan.