1. Battlekat Eli defeated Keegan, Rip Parker, Scott Clark, La Flama and Nemesis in a Ladder match to qualify for the Sky’s the Limit ladder match at WAW Fightmare V.

2. Bulk defeated The YPC [CT, Bohdan, Adam & Carlton] when he pinned Bohdan in a Handicap match.

3. Leia Elise won a Bellatrix Battle Royal by last eliminating Meisha. The match also featured Molz, Fifi, Tuka, Annabelle, Princess and Malika.

4. PJ Knight defeated Aaron O’Malley by submission.

5. Dillon Slade defeated Just James by pinfall after hitting a low blow.

6. Kobe Nitro defeated Big J Johnson by pinfall.

7. Dan Quintain defeated Steven Willett by pinfall when he used the ropes for leverage.

– The YPC attacked Dan Quintain until they were chased off by Steve Quintain. Dan warned the YPC that they’re in for a beating at WAW War at the Shore 2 in Lowestoft on Friday 1st September.

8. Zak Zodiac defeated Drew Marshall by pinfall.

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