– Vanessa and PJ Knight announced that Vanessa will be taking an extended break from wrestling due to pregnancy.

1. The Battlekats (Battlekat Eli & Battlekat Sam) defeated Dillon Slade & Rip Parker when Eli pinned Parker.

2. Oscar Hyde defeated Big Dave by pinfall.

– Oscar Hyde taunted Big Dave by claiming that he and Kobe Nitro will be taking the CXW Tag Team Championship from the UK Pitbulls at Big Top Wrestling’s Seaside Slam in Sheringham on Monday 28th August.

– The YPC attacked Ruffneck ahead of his upcoming match against Josh.

3. Ruffneck defeated Josh by pinfall.

4. Roy Knight defeated Swede, Scott Clark and Mark Morana in a Four Corners Elimination match. The Midas Stable attacked Roy during the match but Ruffneck turned on the stable and saved Roy.
– Roy pinned Morana.
– Swede pinned Clark.
– Roy pinned Swede.

– Ruffneck explained that he was sick of being part of the Midas Stable and has Roy Knight’s back moving forward. Roy challenged Drew Marshall and Swede to a tag team TLC match. Swede refused due to the absence of Tommy Lee.

5. Ricky Knight & Saraya Knight defeated Sir Ryan Matthews & Leia Elise by submission when Elise submitted to Saraya.

– Ricky Knight called longtime WAW wrestler Hot Stuff into the ring and asked him to return for one more match at WAW Carols & Carnage later in the year. Hot Stuff said that he would take some time to consider the invitation.

6. Tuka defeated Annabelle by pinfall.

7. Kobe Nitro defeated Nico Narciso by pinfall.

8. PJ Knight defeated Drew Marshall by submission.

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