1. Nocturne w/Freyja Nyx defeated Steven Willett by pinfall.

2. Angel defeated Princess by pinfall when she used the ropes for leverage.

3. Oscar Hyde (c) defeated Scott Clark by pinfall to retain the WAW Academy Championship.

4. Nocturne and Freyja Nyx confronted Oscar Hyde, signalling their desire to claim the WAW Academy Championship.

5. Tony Knight & Leia Elise defeated PJ Knight & Vanessa by pinfall when Tony pinned PJ after Brad Slayer distracted him. Vanessa and Elise were both counted out during the match.

– Tony Knight challenged PJ Knight to a match for the WAW World Heavyweight Championship at the WAW Elite show on Saturday 27th November.

6. Fifi defeated Vanessa, Angel and Princess in an Elimination match to become #1 contender for the Bellatrix European Championship.
– Angel and Princess were disqualified.
– Fifi pinned Vanessa.

7. Brandon Innes defeated Ollie Campbell by pinfall.

8. Saraya Knight defeated Brad Slayer (c) by submission to win the WAW People’s Championship after PJ Knight distracted Slayer.