Every match was contested inside a 16ft steel cage.

1. PJ Knight defeated Battlekat Eli, Brad O’Brien, Big F’n Joe and Winston in a Ladder match to win the Sky’s the Limit contract.

2. Tony Knight defeated Ruffneck in a Last Man Standing match.

3. PJ Knight defeated Ricky Knight Jr (c) and Brad Slayer by submission when Slayer tapped out in a Steel Cage match to win the WAW World Heavyweight Championship. PJ Knight cashed in his Sky’s the Limit contract to join the match.

– PJ Knight congratulated Ricky Knight Jr on his impressive title reign. He then offered RKJ a one-on-one rematch for the title in the future.

4. Benjamin defeated Saraya Knight in a Four Corners Chain match.

5. Kobe Nitro defeated Scott Clark by pinfall in a Steel Cage match.

6. The UK Hooligans [Zak & Roy Knight] defeated Jaiden Docwra & Dillon Slade by pinfall when Roy pinned Docwra in a Hardcore Steel Cage match.