1. Drew Marshall defeated Keegan by disqualification after Keegan spat mist in Marshall’s eyes.

2. Big Lou Nixon (c) defeated Swede by pinfall to retain the WAW European Heavyweight Championship.

3. RKJ defeated Dan Quintain by pinfall.

4. Nathan Cruz defeated Shreddy by pinfall.

5. Battlekat Sam defeated Nathan Black by pinfall.

6. Zak Zodiac & PJ Knight defeated The Staff [Mr. Hayward & Sir Ryan Matthews] by pinfall when Zak pinned Sir Ryan.

– The Staff grabbed Zak Zodiac’s son Kayden from the crowd and tried to attack him. Zak ran out and saved his son, chasing Mr. Hayward & Sir Ryan Matthews away. Zak reassured his son that he will always be there to protect him.

– Zak announced that his match with Tim Strange won’t be happening later as Strange is in hospital. He wished Strange a quick recovery before challenging The Staff to a handicap match.