– The Governess announced a tournament to qualify for the the Sky’s the Limit ladder match at WAW Fightmare V.

– Recorded footage from earlier in the day showed Oscar Hyde sneaking into the WAW Performance Centre ahead of the Bellatrix portion of the October Outrage weekender.

– “Gunthilda” introduced herself and hopes to qualify for Sky’s the Limit, denying being Oscar Hyde in disguise.

1. Trai-cie defeated “Gunthilda” by pinfall to advance to the Sky’s the Limit qualifying match.

2. Tuka defeated Mollz by technical knockout to advance to the Sky’s the Limit qualifying match.

– Zak Zodiac and Saraya Knight consoled Mollz, announcing that she will face Saraya Knight in a match later tonight.

3. Fifi defeated Harmz by submission to advance to the Sky’s the Limit qualifying match.

4. Destiny defeated Princess by pinfall.

5. Fiona defeated TJ by pinfall.

6. Annabelle defeated Charlotte Madison by submission.

7. Leia Elise defeated Meisha by pinfall.

– Leia Elise congratulated Meisha on a hard fought contest and said she sees a lot of potential, offering to take the Bellatrix Academy champion under her wing.

8. Saraya Knight defeated Mollz by pinfall. The YPC tried to interfere in the match.

– Saraya Knight told Mollz that she doesn’t need the YPC. Zak Zodiac announced that Bohdan will face Saraya at the Sunday show and ordered the rest of the YPC to leave unless they want him to put them in more matches against members of the Knight family. Zodiac asked Mollz to leave the YPC and let the fans support her on her journey, which she accepted by hugging Saraya in the ring.

9. Trai-cie defeated Tuka and Fifi by pinfall when she pinned Fifi to qualify for the Sky’s the Limit ladder match.

– The Governess congratulated Trai-cie on her victory.