1. PJ Knight defeated Riley Thee NBF by pinfall.

2. Jason Joshua defeated Keegan and Sassy Bear Clarence by pinfall when he pinned Keegan in a Hardcore match.

3. Priscilla (c) defeated Adam Envy in a Bondage Rope Four Corners match to retain the PCW Championship.

– Leia Elise revealed that Harley Hudson was unable to compete due to injury. She then introduced Princess as her new partner for the following match.

4. Leia Elise & Princess defeated Fiona & Tyler Adams by pinfall when Princess pinned Fiona. Leia Elise and Tyler Adams were counted out during the match.

– Mitchell Starr made his way to the ring singing “Time Warp” from The Rocky Horror Show. After the entrance, Keith Sandle cleared the ring of confetti to the sound of “I Want to Break Free” by Queen. Adam Bolt attacked Starr before the ring was fully cleared.

5. Adam Bolt w/Jackie T defeated Mitchell Starr by pinfall to win the inaugural WAW Pride Championship.

– Mitchell Starr praised Adam Bolt’s journey outside of the ring, stating that he was a much deserving first-ever WAW Pride champion.

6. Keegan (as Rikishi) won the Pride Parade Rumble by last eliminating Destiny (as Destiny). The match also involved Battlekat Sam (as Ricky Knight), Battlekat Eli (as Saraya Knight), the YPC (as D-Generation X), Joe Bell (as D-Von Dudley), Tate (as Bubba Ray Dudley), Princess (as Hulk Hogan), Leia Elise (as Hot Stuff), Kobe Nitro (as Trish Stratus), Dan Quintain (as Mitchell Starr), Mr. Hayward (as Mick Foley) and Annabelle (as John Cena).

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