– Ricky and Saraya Knight paid tribute to Scott Hall, whose tenure as WAW Commissioner helped raise the company to new heights. Ricky added that Scott had become a close friend and a member of the WAW family, before announcing a ten-bell salute for the Bad Guy.

– Nathan Cruz reminded Brad Slayer that, the last time they met in the ring, Cruz walked away victorious. Cruz challenged Slayer to put his European Heavyweight title on the line and offered to defend the British Heavyweight title in a winner-takes-all match. Slayer accepted, adding that he looks forward to walking away with both championship belts.

1. Brad Slayer (c) defeated Nathan Cruz (c) by pinfall after hitting Cruz with an illegal weapon to retain the WAW European Heavyweight Championship and win the WAW British Heavyweight Championship.

– RKJ confronted Brad Slayer and demanded that Brad Slayer defend the WAW European Heavyweight Championship against him right now, having earned a title shot of his choosing by winning the King of the Ring tournament earlier this year. Slayer accepted and struck RKJ with the European title belt.

2. RKJ defeated Brad Slayer (c) by pinfall to win the WAW European Heavyweight Championship.

3. Brett Semtex defeated Tony Knight by knockout.

4. Zak Zodiac defeated Eric Young by submission.

– Zak Zodiac thanked his wife and children for supporting him, allowing him to overcome mental health issues and stay strong throughout the last few years. He also repeated his statement that 2022 is “his year” and, with his match record for the year standing at 40-0, who can deny it?

– Matt Cardona was revealed to have signed for Fightmare IV.

– MC Ben Williment announced that RKJ had offered to defend the WAW European Heavyweight Championship in an open challenge.

5. RKJ (c) defeated Battlekat Sam by pinfall to retain the WAW European Heavyweight Championship.

– RKJ called out Matt Cardona, challenging him to a match at Fightmare IV.

6. Ruffneck defeated Brad O’Brien w/Oscar Hyde by pinfall.

– Oscar Hyde tried to attack Ruffneck but Ruffneck quickly turned the tables.

– MC Ben Williment reminded everyone that the following match would be fought under standard wrestling rules for ten minutes. After that point, it would become a “Hooligan Rules” no disqualification match.

7. Roy Knight defeated PJ Knight (c) by pinfall to win the WAW World Heavyweight Championship. Jason Cross attacked Roy during the match. RKJ attacked PJ during the match.

– Roy Knight praised PJ as the future of WAW. Zak Zodiac joined his brother in the ring and also praised PJ as a fighting champion. Zak then congratulated Roy for turning his life around and beating his demons to once again become WAW World Heavyweight champion.