1. El Johno (FFW) defeated Oscar Hyde (WAW) by pinfall. FFW 1-0 WAW

2. Jack O’Clubs (FFW) defeated Brad O’Brien (WAW) by pinfall when used O’Brien’s trunks for leverage. FFW 2-0 WAW

3. Brad Slayer (WAW) defeated Aleksandr Romanov (FFW) by submission. FFW 2-1 WAW

4. PJ Knight (WAW) versus Dutch w/Miss Rebecca (FFW) ended in a double count out. FFW 2-1 WAW

– The Norfolk Killers issued an open challenge for their recently won WAW World Tag Team titles to any team from WAW or FFW.

5. The Norfolk Killers [RKJ & Brett Semtex] (c) defeated Heavy Thunder [Keegan & Rip Parker] by pinfall when RKJ pinned Parker to retain the WAW World Tag Team Championship.

6. James Chilvers defeated Dillon Slade by pinfall.

7. Vanessa (WAW) versus Lory (FFW) ended in a time limit draw. FFW 2-1 WAW

8. Drew Marshall (WAW) defeated Jack Bennett (FFW) by pinfall. FFW 2-2 WAW

9. Zak Zodiac (WAW) defeated KD (FFW) by technical submission. WAW 3-2 FFW, WAW win