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WAW 2022 Awards

WAW Staff Member of the Year

Keith Sandle

WAW 2022 Awards

Keith has progressed in leaps and bounds after joining WAW as an MC/ring announcer. He first made a special guest appearance in WAW while serving as deputy mayor in Swaffham, but has since returned to become a regular voice introducing matches at the WAW Performance Centre.

It’s clear that Keith’s presence has made quite an impact on WAW with his victory in this award category.

Other finalists: The Breezes, Michael Mann

WAW Match of the Year

Zak Zodiac vs. Nathan Cruz for the vacant WAW European Heavyweight Championship | 28th May 2022

WAW 2022 Awards

A mini tournament was held for the WAW European Heavyweight Championship when RKJ vacated it to focus on defending the WAW World Tag Team titles with Brett Semtex. Cruz and Zodiac beat PJ Knight and Kobe Nitro, respectively, to qualify for the final, before putting on a spectacularly hard-hitting match in pursuit of the gold.

You can watch Zak Zodiac vs. Nathan Cruz on our YouTube channel.

Other finalists: Roy Knight (c) vs. Zak Zodiac for the WAW World Heavyweight Championship (Special Guest Referee: Saraya) at WAW Fightmare IV – 15/10/22, Matt Cardona vs. Nathan Cruz vs. PJ Knight at WAW Fightmare IV – 15/10/22

WAW Rising Star of the Year

Joe Bell

WAW 2022 Awards

Things didn’t look like they were going Joe Bell’s way until he captured the vacant WAW Academy Championship in a match against Sir Ryan Matthews, incidentally his first-ever victory inside the ring.

Since then, Joe has had mixed results but ultimately held onto the Academy title like it owes him money. He also gained popular acclaim with his impersonations of several WAW (and Bellatrix) wrestlers, most perhaps most surprisingly earning the respect of Ruffneck after putting his heart and soul into a match whilst mimicking the bruising brawler.

Other finalists: Kobe Nitro, Scott Clark

WAW Most Value for Money

Oscar Hyde

WAW 2022 Awards

The WAW Academy was shaken to its core when Oscar Hyde burst onto the scene in 2021. His fiery tongue and quick wit laid waste to anyone who stood in his way, quickly talking his way to capturing the Academy title – his beloved Judy Garland – until running headfirst into Kobe Nitro in mid-2022.

This collision didn’t stop his momentum, though, as he quickly laid claim to the “real” British title, continuing his feud with Nitro throughout the year. Hyde is no longer a pretender to the WAW British Heavyweight Championship, but he does still hold the spoils of victory from the Sky’s the Limit ladder match at WAW Fightmare IV, his new beloved (and currently his only friend) – Casey.

Other finalists: PJ Knight, Zak Zodiac

WAW Tag Team of the Year

The Battlekats

WAW 2022 Awards

2022 didn’t start off too well for the Battlekats, losing the WAW Academy Tag Team titles to Heavy Thunder just eight days into the year. But that didn’t stop the Kats from clawing their way into the limelight as they fought their way through the year, overcoming the Old School combination of Ricky Knight and Steve Quintain, and continuing to trump their longterm rivals, the Staff.

It was after Fightmare: Aftermath that the Battlekats capitalised on that momentum, capturing the WAW World Tag Team titles from the Norfolk Killers and going on to end the year as they began it, with tag team gold around their waists.

Other finalists: The Staff, The UK Hooligans

Bellatrix Wrestler of the Year


WAW 2022 Awards

Vanessa had a hugely successful 2022, spending the entire calendar year with a championship belt in her possession.

She began the year as Bellatrix British champion, successfully defending the title against all challengers. Her strong performances earned Vanessa another shot at Destiny, the dominant Warrior who had beaten Vanessa for the vacant World title back in 2020. This time, however, Vanessa overcame Destiny and captured the Bellatrix World Championship.

As World champion, Vanessa has continued to excel as a fighting champion, even defending the title against former champion and Bellatrix founder Saraya Knight!

Other finalists: Princess, Leia Elise

WAW Wrestler of the Year

Zak Zodiac

WAW 2022 Awards

It’s been an incredibly successful year for Zak Zodiac, both in WAW and elsewhere. Zak won the WAW European title earlier in the year, securing his spot in the main event at Fightmare IV where he also recaptured the WAW World Heavyweight Championship against his brother, Roy Knight. It’s no coincidence that these two matches were voted as the top two in WAW!

Zodiac has also made waves across the UK, including a return to RevPro and making his New Japan Pro Wrestling debut at Royal Quest II. He was also spotted at ringside during Saraya’s return to the ring at AEW Full Gear, supporting his sister after helping her become ring ready in the build-up to her match.

2023 looks just as bright as a summer US tour beckons for the double champion and multiple appearances booked all over the rest of the world. Zak will also be the focus of an upcoming documentary, ‘Fighting For My Family’.

Other finalists: PJ Knight, Kobe Nitro

Wrestlers' Wrestler of the Year


WAW 2022 Awards

Keegan is one of WAW’s longest-serving wrestlers, fighting his way up from the bottom of the WAW Academy to become one of the most feared and respected members of the WAW Elite.

Expect big things from Keegan in 2023. The second-generation wrestler is one half of the WAW Academy Tag Team champions but also seems to have his heart set on reclaiming the British Heavyweight Championship, even refusing to let his tag team partner, Rip Parker, stand in his way.

Most Improved of the Year - WAW Committee Vote

Sir Ryan Matthews

WAW 2022 Awards

Sir Ryan Matthews is half of the much-hated tag team, the Staff. That hatred hasn’t stopped the Staff from becoming a key presence at shows throughout 2022, frequently making their presence known amongst the Academy and Elite (and even Bellatrix on behalf of their employer, Lady Bella van der Velt) in as disruptive a manner as possible.

The WAW Committee may not approve of Matthews’ behaviour, often clashing heads with him when it comes to legal matters, but it’s impossible to acknowledge that his in-ring performances have begun to equal his expertise with the law.

Female Wrestler of the Year - WAW Committee Vote


WAW 2022 Awards

Fiona has delivered strong performance after strong performance throughout the year, holding her own against current and former Bellatrix champions.

She appears to have her heart set on breaking out on her own, after brutally turning on her friend and tag team partner, Fifi, in the latter half of last year. Could 2023 be the year that Fiona finally claims Bellatrix gold?

Male Wrestler of the Year - WAW Committee Vote

Mr. Hayward

WAW 2022 Awards

Much like his Staff tag team partner, Mr. Hayward has been a regular and imposing presence at many WAW shows throughout the previous year.

Hayward is known for his reliability, hence his employment in the service of Lady Bella, a trait that has also been noted by the WAW Committee in their decision to present him with this award.

It’s unlikely that this recognition will change Mr. Hayward’s behaviour, however. In fact, it may even compel him to make his presence known even more often!

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