1. Brad O’Brien defeated Scott Clark, Aaron O’Malley, Rip Parker, Jason the Warrior and Keegan by pinfall when he pinned Clark.

2. Brandon Innes defeated Marvel Marcus by pinfall.

– Brandon Innes and Marvel Marcus celebrated and left the ring together after the match.

3. Nemesis & Mitchell Starr defeated Big Paddy & Bohdan w/the YPC by pinfall when Nemesis pinned Bohdan. Big Paddy left the match when he refused to let the YPC interfere in the match.

4. Joe Bell (c) defeated Sharrocks by pinfall to retain the WAW Academy Championship.

– Fifi issued a Bellatrix Academy challenge to every Bellatrix Elite wrestler available.

5. Fifi, Annabelle, Freyja Nyx, Tuka & Mollie defeated Angel, Leia Elise &  Vanessa by pinfall when Fifi pinned Angel.

6. Nocturne defeated Oscar Hyde by pinfall.

– Princess replaced Ollie Campbell after the latter wasn’t cleared to wrestle in the upcoming match.

7. The Battlekats [Battlekat Eli & Battlekat Sam] defeated Steven Willett & Princess by pinfall when Eli pinned Princess.

8. Zak Knight, RKJ & PJ Knight defeated The Staff [Mr. Hayward & Sir Ryan Matthews] & Dillon Slade by submission when all three wrestlers tapped out.

– Oscar Hyde confronted and taunted Zak Zodiac, RKJ & PJ Knight. Hyde planned to cash in his Sky’s the Limit contract but was attacked and chased off by Kayden Rain, Zak’s 9  year old son. Zodiac challenged Hyde to face Kayden in a match right now. Zak and RKJ then hyped up their upcoming steel cage match for both of Zak’s WAW titles.