[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]1. Keegan (c) defeated Charlie Winston by pinfall to retain the WAW British Heavyweight Championship.

– Alexander Young and Tony Knight interrupted the show to complain about not being given matches tonight. PJ Knight came out and countered that all they ever do is complain, only to be interrupted himself by his cousin and World Heavyweight Champion, Ricky Knight Jr. RKJ pointed out that AY still hasn’t been pinned or submitted in 2019, and has been a tough opponent. The World Champion shockingly joined AY and Tony in beating down PJ until Brad Slayer hit the ring to make the save. PJ criticised the trio for their cowardly attack and challenged them to a handicap match against himself and Slayer later tonight.

2. Marvel Marcus defeated Wrecking Ball Ryan by pinfall.

3. The Cult of Couture [Opie Jackson & Dillon Slade], Nocturne & Jacob Perks defeated The Foji [Rishpal & Onkar Singh] & The Battlekats [Battlekat Eli & Battlekat KL] by pinfall when Nocturne pinned KL.

4. Brad O’Brien defeated Steve Quintain (c) by pinfall when the Cult of Couture interfered to win the WAW World Light Heavyweight Championship.

– PJ Knight, Brad Slayer, and Keegan came out to counter the Cult of Couture. Nemesis helped his tag team partner, Steve Quintain, out of the ring and away from the fighting.

– Zak Knight announced that former World Champion Scott Fusion was in attendance with a special announcement. Fusion revealed that his doctor had given him full clearance to return to the ring! Jaiden Docwra interrupted the announcement and dismissed Fusion as a “has-been”, before slapping him in the face. Fusion responded by attacking Docwra.

– Milky O’Hagan announced that he was bringing back the “No More Bullies” campaign because he’s tired of feeling out of place in the WAW locker room. Mitchell Starr interrupted and told Milky that he’s just making excuses and is scared of wrestlers like him. Milky then said that this time the campaign will be against anyone who bullies any member of the WAW roster and that he wants to stop anyone with an ego from ruining the fun of being a wrestler.

5. Milky O’Hagan versus Mitchell Starr ended in a double countout.

6. Destiny & Fifi defeated Leia Elise & Madison Lee by pinfall when Destiny pinned Elise.

7. Ricky Knight Jr, Alexander Young & Tony Knight defeated Zak Knight, Brad Slayer & PJ Knight in an Elimination match when AY last eliminated Zak by submission. The match began as a 3-on-2 handicap until Zak added himself to PJ and Slayer’s team.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]